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HAWK-EYE 800 Knowledge Test


Welcome to the Level 1 Hawk-Eye 800 Knowledge Test

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1) Why do we recommend that the Hawk-Eye 800 be powered via a UPS?
a. With a UPS connected, the Hawk-Eye 800 continues to operate for at least 2 hours even if the mains power is cut.
2) Why do we recommend that the Hawk-Eye 800 be powered via a UPS?
b. With a UPS, it is much less likely that the measurement records can become corrupted while the touch-screen is writing to the data base.
3) Mark as True those analogue inputs signals that do not require a signal conditioning card.
4) Each analogue input can be configured for either linear or non-linear inputs.
5) What is the maximum number of X, Y points that you can enter to generate a non-linear curve for an analogue input?
6) You can enter the name of a channel, its scaling and engineering units in the Analogue Inputs page.
7) Which of the following statements relating to the 4 derived inputs are true?
8) How many alarms does each Analogue input and each derived input have?
9) Each alarm can be individually associated with the siren and flashing light alarm relays.
10) What does it mean when an alarm icon is alternately flashing red and dark blue?
11) Who can an alarm be accepted by?
12) Who can an alarm be reset by?
13) When creating a trend display, what is the maximum number of variables you can display together?
14) A junior Operator can request a data report.
15) A scheduled report must be set up if permanent records are to be automatically generated each day.
16) Scheduled reports are stored in the tablet’s memory as well as being emailed to designated users.
17) The alarm log shows all the alarms generated in a designated period.
18) There is a field to type and save corrective actions taken in response to an alarm.
19) The alarm templates are used to generate intelligent alarm messages which can pick up all the alarm settings and include them in the messages to the email recipients of the alarms.
20) How many isolated analogue outputs does the Hawk-Eye 800 have?
21) What is the maximum number of relays that can be fitted to a Hawk-Eye 800?
22) How many PID controllers and On/Off Controllers does the Hawk-Eye 800 Gold version support?
23) How many Dashboard flags does the Hawk-Eye 800 support?
24) How many Email Triggering Flags does the Hawk-Eye 800 support?
25) A supervisor can search the audit log.